Tafseer Surah Yasin Ibnu Kathir (7): Proof of the Creator of the Universe and of Life after Death

Tafseer Ibnu Kathir Surah Yasin (7)

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Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, says:

(And a sign for them) means, evidence for them of the existence of the
Creator and His perfect power and ability to resurrect the dead,

(is the dead land.) means, when it is dead and arid, with no vegetation, then
Allah sends water upon it, it is stirred (to life), and it swells and puts forth
every lovely kind (of growth). Allah says:
وَأَخْرَجْنَا مِنْهَا حَبّاً فَمِنْهُ يَأْكُلُونَ﴾

(We give it life, and We bring forth from it grains, so that they eat
thereof.) meaning, `We have made it a provision for them and their cattle.’
﴿وَجَعَلْنَا فِيهَا
جَنَّـتٍ مِّن نَّخِيلٍ وَأَعْنَـبٍ وَفَجَّرْنَا فِيهَا مِنَ الْعُيُونِ ﴾

(And We have made therein gardens of date palms and grapes, and We have
caused springs of water to gush forth therein.) means, `We have created therein
rivers which flow to the places where they are needed, so that they may eat of
their fruits.’ When Allah reminds them of the blessing that He bestows upon His
creation by creating crops and plants, He mentions the different types and kinds
of fruits. Allah says:
﴿وَمَا عَمِلَتْهُ

(and their hands made it not.) means, all of that could only come about by
the mercy of Allah towards them, not by their own efforts and labor and
strength. This was the view of Ibn `Abbas and Qatadah. Allah says:

(Will they not then give thanks) meaning, will they not then give thanks for
the innumerable blessings that He has bestowed upon them. Ibn Jarir, however,
understood the word Ma to mean Alladhi (i.e., a relative pronoun). In this case
the meaning of the Ayah would be that they eat from the fruits provided by
Allah’s bounty and from what their own hands have done, i.e., by planting the
seeds and tending the plants. Ibn Jarir mentioned other possible interpretations
in his Tafsir, but this is the interpretation that he favored. This
interpretation also fits with the recitation of Ibn Mas`ud: (لِيَأْكُلُوا مِنْ
ثَمَرِهِ وَمِمَّا عَمِلَتْهُ أَيْدِيهِمْ أَفَلَا يَشْكُرُونَ) (So that they may
eat of the fruit thereof — and from what their own hands have done.) Then Allah
﴿سُبْحَـنَ الَّذِى
خَلَق الاٌّزْوَجَ كُلَّهَا مِمَّا تُنبِتُ الاٌّرْضُ﴾

(Glory be to Him Who has created all the pairs of that which the earth
produces,) meaning, of crops and fruits and plants.

(as well as of their own (human) kind, ) means, He made them into male and
﴿وَمِمَّا لاَ

(and of that which they know not.) means, different kinds of creatures of
which they know nothing. This is like the Ayah:
﴿وَمِن كُلِّ شَىْءٍ
خَلَقْنَا زَوْجَيْنِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَذَكَّرُونَ ﴾

(And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember.) (51:49)
﴿وَءَايَةٌ لَّهُمُ
الَّيْلُ نَسْلَخُ مِنْهُ النَّهَارَ فَإِذَا هُم مُّظْلِمُونَ – وَالشَّمْسُ
تَجْرِى لِمُسْتَقَرٍّ لَّهَـا ذَلِكَ تَقْدِيرُ الْعَزِيزِ الْعَلِيمِ –
وَالْقَمَرَ قَدَّرْنَـهُ مَنَازِلَ حَتَّى عَادَ كَالعُرجُونِ الْقَدِيمِ – لاَ
الشَّمْسُ يَنبَغِى لَهَآ أَن تدْرِكَ القَمَرَ وَلاَ الَّيْلُ سَابِقُ النَّهَارِ
وَكُلٌّ فِى فَلَكٍ يَسْبَحُونَ ﴾

(37. And a sign for them is the night. We withdraw therefrom the day, and
behold, they are in darkness.) (38. And the sun runs on its fixed course for a
term (appointed). That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.) (39. And
the moon, We have decreed for it stages, till it returns like the old dried
curved date stalk.) (40. It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does
the night outstrip the day. They all float, each in an orbit.)